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About us

It mainly produces brake hoof of motorbike.Our brake hoof is made of pure and high precision die-casting machine. Our casting has good qualityinside and its breaking organization is made with equal grain and without tair hoie.It also has thefunction of anti-press so it can make sure there is no deflected braking happened. on the appearance of the casting, we also process it with the antisepsis and colorfui porificatiom.The casting parcel is made of new friction materials so it has function of anti-friction, high stabilization no noise,no pollutio. The quality of the appearance and abrasion rate are higherthan national standard,so it can guarantee its high abrasion and long life of brake hoof.ln the aspect of casting block,casting parcel and hoof blocks sticky meet and cutting also are higherthan national standard,so it will improve the function of the braking hoof greatly and guarantee the travelling safety.The whole procedures of our product is follwed by IS09001 international standard to produce And all is veyified by national medal product supervising center in order to guarantee the quality of product.
Now we productmany different sizes of brake hoof of motorbike and the products are sold to the domesticcities,And we also sell the pro du dtsto african countries. south American co untriecs.east asian countries and so uthe ast asin countries.Our products are spoke hi ghiy by the foreigncustomers.Scientific management of company, Rich technological ability and perfect verifying method can guarantee our product' s long-life salability.
Our aim is to pursue creation in order to develop the enterprise.ln the trend of global economical integration,We need to meetthe international countries' s need.Positive joining into the domestic and overreas market' s competion, Controlling the quality of product,lnsisting in high quality to attract the customers.With the perfect service series to support the customers developing the ma rket,So it will meet the customers' need and be trusted by the customers.We hope that all the customers will be satisfactory with our products all the time.